About us

Great coffee, for everyone

Our founder

"Nobody should drink supermarket coffee."

Mark van Drunick started Bacc Coffee Roasters in 2020 with an idea:'Nobody should drink supermarket coffee.' After experiencing his first Specialty Coffee himself, he couldn't go back. His obsession grew into a room full of coffee machines and sleepless nights filled with caffeine. He slowly started converting everyone in his family to fresh specialty coffee. Mark's first coffee roaster, a converted bread machine with an industrial heat gun, has been replaced by a professional drum roaster. (The bread machine was slowly melting!) This roaster and Mark's obsession with the pursuit of perfect coffee guarantee coffee that exudes quality.
'I only sell coffee that I love to drink myself.'

Our story

The name Bacc Coffee Roasters is inspired by the Greek god of the drink Bacchus who not only believed in the pleasure of drinks but also in the growing power of the earth.
We believe that coffee should be heavenly and divine. We promise that we will do everything we can to make your coffee moment that little bit more special with delicious coffee beans.

Our mission

Our goal is to collaborate with coffee farmers in a sustainable way and to make all Bacc Coffee drinkers happy. We therefore work with small farmers to ensure that they have it better in this world. The more people that drink honest coffee, the better.
Plus, the coffee is amazing. So what are you waiting for?